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World Voyage 3.0

This is a game in which you should match three balls of the same color
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World Voyage is a typical match-3 puzzle game. Unlike other match-3 puzzles that try to be original and stand out of the crowd by changing the rules as much as possible, World Voyage sticks to the conventional match-3 game play elements and avoids tweaking the well-known simple rules that made this type of games so famous and popular. In fact, it seems to resemble the very popular Candy Crush quite a lot, as both games tend to change the general shape of the puzzle when passing to a new level. The “timer balls” and the other few additional game play elements also add to this idea. I’d say that if you like Candy Crush and a big change is not your thing, then World Voyage is a perfect alternative: still different from Candy Crush, but not too much.

As you can see from the name, World Voyage is meant to have world travel and exploration as its main theme. Unfortunately, this actually means that once every 5 levels it displays a picture of a world’s famous place, which is too modest, in my opinion. The game mostly focuses the player on color matching and not so much on the world travelling and exploration. Some mini-puzzles of famous places were supposed to appear at some point, but during my testing of this game that didn’t happen.

Anyway, World Voyage is a nice match-3 puzzle game, colorful and addictive. It’s also great for kids since it lacks any violence or content unsuitable for children. Though not exactly original or very impressive, I won’t dismiss this game as unattractive or unworthy of being given a try. It can still keep you entertained for hours, especially if match-3 puzzle games are something you are into.

Margie Smeer
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  • Suitable for children
  • Colorful and attractive interface
  • Can be played in both full screen and windowed mode


  • Not exactly original
  • Resembles Candy Crush quite a lot
  • Doesn't offer enough of world travelling and exploration elements to justify the name
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